PRESS RELEASE GGP - Free quadrilingual GGP appfor 2020

22 Ιουλίου, 2020

21July 2020
Free quadrilingual GGP appfor 2020
The quadriligual GrootGroenPlus app will beactivatedonceagainforthe 30th edition, which will takeplacefrom 30 September - 2 October. The app will beactivated at thebeginningof August. This appcanbedownloadedforfree, and contains a currentlistofparticipants, with a lotofinformation, amongotherthings. It will also includegeneralinformationaboutthetrade fair, news, favouriteplants, but also informationabout 2020’s Road Show. At a laterstage, floorplans, programs, novelties, and surveys will beadded.
The digital appcanbeusedas a trade fair guide and directory, and morecontent will beadded in thenextfewweeks. This year, theapp will onceagainbeavailable in Dutch, German, French, and English. Visitors will beable to usetheapp to makeappointmentswithparticipants.
Ofcourse, it is importantforparticipants to check theirfreeprofile, and adjust and expanditifnecessary. This will allowthem to makefulluseofthe PR valueofthisapp.
The appcanbedownloadedfor iOS and Android. Haveyouinstalledtheappbefore? In thatcase, youwon’thave to do anything. It will beupdatedautomaticallyassoonas an update is available.
Note to theeditor:
Formoreinformation, the logo or a photo, pleasecontact All-Round Communications, contactperson Frank van Suchtelen, via +31 172-236 262, +31 6 54 77 0612 or