12th Floralies de Nantes

28 Μαϊου, 2019
12th Floralies de Nantes

a colourful international exposition of ornamental horticulture in France The general scenography of the Floralies Internationales de Nantes, 8-19 of June 2019 in the French City of Nantes is spread over 45 000 m² in the magnificent Floral Park of Beaujoire located on the banks of the Erdre River, and is divided into 6 Halls and 7 ornamental atmospheres presented inside and outside, tells the cycle of life: Innocence, Carelessness, Learning, Passion, Plenitude, Wisdom and Spirituality.

The Theme

The Theme of the exposition: "Flowers to live" is a poetic illustration telling the accompaniment of flowers in the different stages of the life of Mankind and referring to the purity, simplicity and emotion. Inspired by a quote from the French philosopher and writer Montaigne "If life is only a passage, on this passage at least sow some flowers ». It conveys the idea of flower enchantment and color explosion, unveiling to the audience via the discovery of the different ambiances, all very distinct from one another and throughout the whole tour.

Trends and Innovations, besides the unusual plants coming from many foreign countries, and the floral and landscape creations of established or emerging designers, a new space will be entirely dedicated this year to innovation through Plant and Digital Design.With an original and unprecedented international participation, a new space dedicated to design vegetal and digital, the representations of Naturya - the floral musical, ... the edition 2019 which promises to be rich and innovative, should delight the few hundreds of thousands of visitors expected, and confirm again the position of Floralies Internationales - Nantes as international motor event in the living field of the show with the plant

International participation

For 4 years, the Floralies Committee has been traveling round the world and has formed partnership projects with foreign countries. The Floralies enjoy the prestigious approval international AIPH certifying high quality of the event and imposing standards raised at the largest floral shows an ornamental and floral horticulture from around the world. There is an impressive participation of countries, many of them outside Europe: South Africa, Germany, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cameroon, Canada, China, France, Ivory Coast, Italy, Japan, Guadeloupe, Guinea, Martinique, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, (French)Polynesia , Qatar, Somalia, Taiwan, , United States, Yemen. In the beautiful floral park of Beaujoire, located on the banks of the Erdre River, the theme takes form and comes in 6 spaces and in 7 ornamental atmospheres, presented indoors and outdoors.The many visitors will pass colorful day (or more) amidst beautiful follower arrangements and fascinating forms of landscaping.

The city of Nantes

Nantes was a well-known industrial and port city in the early years. Nantes has become a green metropolis for the past 20 years. Every inhabitant has 57 m² of green space and lives within a radius of 300 meters of a green area. Nantes is known as one of the best green cities in the world. In 2013, Nantes was the first French city to call itself the greenest city in Europe, or the prize for 'European Green Capital'. The city is very concerned about environmental pollution and is tackling this issue hard. The city is characterized by more than 100 artistic parks and (botanical) gardens, but there are also vegetable gardens in the city center.


For the 2019 edition, you have the possibility to purchase tickets for the International Floralies - Nantes online - via the website. This fast booking allows you to skip the on-site cash register queue when arriving at the Parc des Expositions de la Beaujoire.

Exhibition site address: Parc des expositions de la Beaujoire, Route St. Joseph de Porterie, 44300 Nantes - France. accueil@comite-des-floralies.com