Rosa `Green Summer`® awarded Gold at Floral2023

05 Απριλίου, 2023

These unique rose plants, whose miniature flowers look nothing like roses, have been chosen with great care for their disease resistance, climate resistance, floridity, user-friendliness and colour brilliance. They are all on their own roots, so no wild storage. They fit perfectly at the front of perennial borders, flower beds and public green spaces. Rosa Green Summer®, also forms an extra dense carpet of glossy green leaves that gives weeds no chance. The small white, beautifully scented single roses are crowded by bees. The red hips in autumn make this super ground cover an extra colourful ornament in the garden. Height 20 - 30 cm and planting distance 50 cm.
Rosa 'Green Summer'® has also already won awards at international rose competitions where it was followed and judged for 2 or 3 years by a professional jury and the last year by an international jury. International awards were achieved in Barcelona 2021, Premi Escola Institut Pedralbes, Barcelona 2021, Prix du Parfum (Amie de Jardins), Nyon 2022, Golden Rose and Paris Bagatelle 2022.
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