PRESS RELEASE GGP - Registration forvisitors will beactivated at the end ofJuly

17 Ιουλίου, 2020

17 July 2020
Registration forvisitors will beactivated at the end ofJuly
Trade fair GrootGroenPlus will open itsvisitorregistrationforthe 30th edition - which will beheldfrom 30 September - 2 October in Zundert (NL) - at the end ofJuly. Due to rules and regulationsrelated to thenewcoronavirus, it is onlypossible to visitthetrade fair after making an online reservation. To makesurethat all visitorsarespread in a safemanner, two time slots per dayareused.
Visitorsareasked to comealoneasmuchaspossible, and travel outside ofrushhoursiftheyusepublictransport. After registration, visitors will receive a confirmationwithimportantinformationregardingrules and regulationsthatapply to thisyear’sedition. Ofcourse, thesafetyofvisitors and participants is ourbiggestpriority, and we will do everything we can to makesurethat - despite all regulations - everythinggoesas smooth aspossible. In order to do this, we needeveryone’shelp.
Oneofthemeasures is maximisingthenumberofvisitors per squaremeter, and per time slot; that is why we but somelimits on theexisting online preregistration. Every reservationhas a start and an end time. On Wednesday, we will open thetrade fair an hourearlier. Openinghoursarethe same on all threedaysofthetrade fair: from 9.00 to 18.00.
Unfortunately, we cannotallowvisitorswithoutregistration at thetrade fair. The visitorsparking will be at theMeirseweg 54 in Zundertagain, and we will providefreeshuttles to transportvisitors to and fromthetrade fair. Please bring yourownfacemask. Groups (morethan 5 people) and educationalauthoritiesareasked to register via, sincespecialrules will apply to them.
We kindlyaskyou to plan yourvisitassoonaspossible, and register, so we cankeepyouupdated in a timely matter. Pleaseuseoneregistration form per person, and check to seeifyouused a valid e-mailaddress. Based on thisinformation, we canseeif we haveenough time slotsavailable.
We’dlove to seeyou at the 30th editionoftrade fair GrootGroenPlus!
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