PRESS RELEASE GGP - Continuance Road Show and novelties inspection

21 Φεβρουαρίου, 2020

20 February 2020

Continuance Road Show and novelties inspection

The 30th edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus (GGP), which will be held from 30 September - 2 October, will once again include a Road Show. The Road Show contains a selection of novelties from the field inspections, inspections during the expositions, and the star inspections that have been conducted by the KVBC (Koninklijke Vereniging voor Boskoopse Culturen, a royal association) in the last few years. These winners can be given some additional attention through this Road Show.

The four winners of the 29th edition of 2019 - the Clematis ‘Taiga’, the Cornus ‘Pevé Sammy’, the Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Draves’ (STREET KEEPER), and the Hydrangea paniculate ‘Breg14’ (Polestar) - will make place for four new candidates in 2020. A fifth candidate will also be selected, in order to have 30 items for the 30th edition.

Ronald Houtman and Sander van Vliet of the KVBC suggest the plants currently in the running for the Road Show of 2020. As soon as the decision is made final, the Road Show of 2020 will appear on the website and in the app. You can vote for your favourites through the app and at the trade fair itself.

It is also possible to register plants for the regular novelties inspection Please use this link. If you register early, you will be able to benefit from the expansive PR opportunities. Since the field inspections, which can be combined with the fair inspections, are so important, GGP will offer one of the winners a field inspection as additional prize. In 2019, this additional prize was awarded to winner Boomkwekerij Schrauwen-Moerings vof, with the Juniperus communis ‘Lemon Carpet’. The presentation areas in assortment garden Harry van de Laar will be used for this.

A recent meeting with the KVBC also led to the conclusion that the KVBC awards will be presented to the winners at GGP again. This will happen at the beginning of the internal international press tour, on Wednesday 30 September. 

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