Press Release from GrootGroenPlus

21 Ιανουαρίου, 2021

GGP Promotion Week
Since it wasn’t possible to host a physical edition of the fourth Groenbeurs Zundert (spring edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus) on 20 and 21 January 2021, GrootGroenPlus will pay special attention to all participants of the fall edition of 6-8 October 2021. And will do this during a promotion week from 19-26 January 2021. Some of the activities:
•       Promoting the participants (and their profiles)

•       Placing eyes at participants who open up their company during the promotion week

•       Activating the entire search engine with current stock during the promotion week

•       Broadcasting three company tours at participants on 20 and 21 January

•       Awarding a field inspection on 20 January

•     Making a link on 20 January with the public part of the general meeting of Coöperatieve vereniging Treeport Zundert U.A.

•       Publishing a bilingual KwekersBode on 20 January

•       Adjusting the websites, trade fair app and web app to 2021

•       Being active on social media
The quadrilingual GrootGroenPlus app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. The web app is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. The trade fair app also works as a digital trade fair guide and already contains the list of participants of the edition that will take place on 6 - 8 October 2021. It is also possible to follow the social media channels of GGP and connect with the participants.
If you’re not on the participant list of GGP 2021 and would like to join, please register through the form on