21 Ιανουαρίου, 2021

Vast attention for exciting EcoTechGreen Active 2020
The latest edition of EcoTechGreen Active 2020 held last December ended with record numbers beyond all expectations. The event  took place online on the innovative Fiera di Padova digital platform.  The more than 1,400 people registered and 600 participants on both days of the conference confirm it as one of the sector’s most important events, even with the new digital formula. More than 50 speakers from over seven countries (Italy, France, China, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, Singapore and the United States) took part in the event organized by PAYSAGE – Promotion and Development for Landscape Architecture – with the international magazine Topscape and FLORMART City Forum 2020, in collaboration with the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators and Promex.


High quality standards

By achieving the high quality standards set for speakers, their projects and contents and the sector partners present in the EcoTechGreen Active area, PAYSAGE successfully transformed the two day event into a contemporary hub packed with dynamic and interesting meetings, international exchanges and networking. A success whose merit must be shared with all those who made it possible, starting with the new partner, FLORMART City Forum 2020, along with the National Council of Architects, Planners and Landscape Architects and the numerous institutional partners. But the biggest thanks go to the numerous professionals who demonstrated their confidence in the initiative and the companies whose commitment to research helped enrich the contents.
In the opening to the conference, PAYSAGE once again took on the role of promoter and champion of sector policies and green technology in the urban environment by hosting the Hon. Roberto Morassut, Undersecretary at the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea, who presented the Urban Regeneration initiatives currently underway and the Urban Forestry Plan adopted, the Hon. Gianni Pietro Girotto, Chairman of the 10th Standing Commission (industry, trade and tourism) involved in the objectives of the New Green Deal and Oreste Gerini, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests Directorate General for the Promotion of Agrifood Quality and Equine Affairs, who presented the new bill on the protection and devel
opment of Italian nursery production.
Ecosystemic efficacy of na
ture in the city

From Singapore, it was then the turn of the well-known Australian ASPECT Studios with its director Stephen Buckle, who presented an overview of projects that integrate a renewed sense of social connection into the urban density. This was followed by the internationally renowned Kongjian Yu from Turenscape with a particularly moving presentation exploring the growing design sensitivity towards conservation of the rural landscape and highlighting the essential elements for development of the fertile c
ity. But the most significant testimony to the ecosystemic efficacy of nature in the city came from the research of Thomas Schröpfer, professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design, with a presentation on the theme Dense+Green City. From Taiwan, the French landscape architect committed to great challenges, Catherine Mosbach, presented Central Park, an exemplary case of an ecological and environmental development that optimises ecosystem benefits with hi-tech applications.

New Rimini Waterfront Sea park Project

From Barcelona, Benedetta Tagliabue from the Miralles Tagliabue EMBT studio next spoke about a number of the studio’s current projects, including the important New Rimini Waterfront Sea Park Project. Thierry Huau then addressed the theme not just of water, but also of the landscape for tourism with the Villages Nature project at Paris Disneyland, while representatives of the Port of La Spezia explored in detail their decision to protect the urban fabric from noise by using green walls with soundproofing functions.
The landscape architect and botanist Loïc Mareschall from the French studio Phytolab presented the Groupe Scolaire Aimé Césaire in Nantes, an innovative model for a school complex ecologically active in landscape reconstruction, while Frank Meijer from the Dutch studio MTD gave an overview of his latest green-roof and blue-roof projects.
The first day  ended with Italo Rota and Flavio Pollano who presented architectural and landscape aspects of the Italian Pavilion designed for Expo 2020 Dubai; while for the new mobility and streetscape section introduced this year, Andrea Balestrini of LAND Italia srl spoke about Adaptive Design, a strategy to rethink the city and local area in light of the green transition, and, from New York, Fabrizio Prati of the NACTO-Global Design Cities Initiative introduced the recent project to promote the role of streets as a landscape resource in response to the pandemic and in the context of the recovery.
Two days

For this edition, ECOtechGREEN Active 2020 again spread the International Forum over two days. The event continued during the morning of the second day with Piero Pellizzaro, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Milan, who presented the climate change and urban resilience strategies adopted by the Lombardy capital. This was followed by Laura Gatti with an overview of her current projects, and Monica Botta and Marilena Baggio, both involved in the healing landscape, who spoke about a number of projects where the landscape is the protagonist in places of health and culture.
Michela De Poli and Deborah Fedato next explored the theme of landscape design and infrastructure in movement, with particular focus on Venice Marco Polo Airport; Lucia Bortolini analysed the botanical design choices for rain gardens in car parks, Valerio Cozzi presented the Forgiatura and UpTown Milano projects and Andrea Di Paolo spoke about the BAF.MO urban regeneration index.