PRESS Release September 2019

25 Οκτωβρίου, 2019
PRESS Release
September 2019

At Flormart 2019, from September 26th to 28th, about three hundred exhibitors will present the best of Italian and international nursery gardening.

At Flormart, the International Nursery Gardening Show, the most important realities of the national and international horticultural industry are meeting to make known all the best of what the green world offers today. At the next edition scheduled from September 26th to 28th there will be around three hundred exhibitors presenting trees and ornamental shrubs, green and flowering indoor plants, lawns and everything necessary for the construction of parks and gardens, the layouts for the floriculture production but also those for the construction of the green, the means and materials for the cultivation of plants and finally a wide range of services and research and experimentation activities. All this is made possible by the numerous institutional and professional collaborations. Among the former, it is worth mentioning those with the Veneto Region and Veneto Agricoltura, those with the Ministry of Agricultural, Agri-food, Forestry and Tourism Policies and with the CREA, i.e. its Research Body. Among the latter with the organizations of the horticultural industry and in particular with ANVE, whose partnership includes the presence in addition to the exhibition also the collaboration to organize the Convention on the new European phytosanitary legislation scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Partnership agreements

In addition, participation agreements have been signed with the Altolombardo District and with Catania Confvivai which will be present with collective exhibitions of their productive realities. There will also be Professional Associations of Agronomists and Forest Doctors with their own stand, such as the Architects and finally the Italian Association of Garden Directors and Technicians who will be present in various activities of the fair.

Naturally rich the program of conferences that will be articulated in the three days of fair that will involve all the organizations of the sector and the Bodies from the Ministry to the Municipalities passing by Regions and Provinces. The others include the inaugural conference which will focus on the theme of greenery and health organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Padua and the Italian Association of Garden Directors and Technicians. The conference on the new European Union phytosanitary regulation organized in collaboration with ANVE and which will see the presence of the European Floriculture Association (ENA) and the International Horticulturist Association (AIPH), the one on CAM for public green spaces organized by GPP -LAB, the one on sustainable green organized by the AIGP together with CONAF; in addition, some highly topical books for the sector will be presented.

ECOtechGREEN International Forum

On 27th and 28th September the ECOtechGREEN International Forum will be held, an important and consolidated appointment organized by PAYSAGE - Promotion and Development for Landscape Architecture in collaboration with FLORMART - International Floriculture Exhibition. The heart of the event is the technical-design section with the important themes around which the International Forum develops: GREEN TECHNOLOGY: OVERVIEW; TECHNOLOGICAL GREEN AND GREEN INFRASTRUCTURES; HI-TECH GREEN & VISUAL IDENTITY; HI-TECH CITY LANDSCAPE; TECHNOLOGICAL GREEN AND RECEPTIVITY; GREEN HITECH FOR PRODUCTIVE AND VINEYARD LANDSCAPES.

But at Flormart there will also be the best that the plant world can give us to improve people. In fact Flormart 2019 will host the first edition of Erbale Forum: a rich program of meetings between experts, researchers and representatives of projects and innovative experiences on medicinal plants to learn about the technical-scientific, regulatory and market aspects, and a targeted exhibition review, time to promote networking and exchanges of products and services between the various players in the supply chain. Medicinal, aromatic, nutritional, cosmetic but also biotechnological, phytoremediation, recreational: medicinal plants feed a supply chain in which territory, tradition and scientific research meet to give new answers to the need to live in harmony with nature, and that in biodiversity of Italian flora finds a wealth of resources still to be explored.

Great attention to innovation

Great attention to innovation with Flormart Future Village, the green and city start-up show.

The best of floriculture, landscaping and environmental greenery meets in Padua. Because the spirit of Flormart is to contribute to improving the quality of activities because it will improve the quality of life on our planet. Flormart 2019 will be the expression of the will to realize what is contained in the MANIFESTO FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

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