MYPLANT & GARDEN / 26-27-28 February 2020

01 Δεκεμβρίου, 2019
Towards the sixth edition,
spotlight on internationality and growth

Milano, June 2019 – Myplant & Garden, International Green Expo, is warming up the engines for the sixth edition: 26-27-28 February 2020.

The goal for 2020 is to outclass itself, by confirming and reinforcing the role of the trade fair as the place to be for the international jet set of the garden industry.
The fifth edition has recorded the satisfaction of both exhibitors and visitors. The master trade fair for the garden industry in Italy is getting ready for a new, inspiring rendezvous with an international flavour.

Internationality has indeed main relevance for the organisers of the trade fair, who are working to increase the presence of visitors from the whole world – professionals, experts, shop owners, contractors, wholesalers, producers, technicians, architects, import-export managers, designers, journalists, trend setters and public administrations.

The international participation of buyers in February 2019 has been represented by 200 official delegations (+30% than 2018) from 48 countries (among which Russia, Romania, France, Germany, Spain, China, UK, Turkey, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Portugal, Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Americas), selected and divided into 56 purchase categories, 120 international sales channels, the big names in large distribution chains, and the participation of urban landscape managers from European capital cities.

In the context of landscape planning and redevelopment, Myplant & Garden is consolidating the participation of public administrations, considering the positive feedback received from public bodies managing urban green areas, mayors and park, garden and national park managers from all over Italy during the last edition.

“One of the aims for 2020 is to create a piazza for public green areas in which landscapers, plant producers, public administrations and service providers can share their ideas freely”.

Back to the international buyers invited, they operated mainly in the following sectors: wholesale, import-export of flowers and plants, landscape architecture, garden centres, garden and outdoor items, DIY, large distribution chains, floristry, institutions, public bodies, nurseries.
“Myplant is a beautiful window for the Italian excellence that faces and embraces international markets. It is at the same time a hub and marketplace for foreign production that finds in Italy an interesting market, and in Myplant the place where they can meet professionals and buyers from other countries”.

The extraordinary and intense 2019 edition has welcomed 20,100 participants (+16,5% than 2018, 9% from abroad) and 733 exhibiting companies (+12% than 2018, 22% from abroad). Holland was at first place (38%), followed by Germany (14%), Denmark and France (10%). Then followed Spain, Poland, UK and the USA. Other countries that were represented during the fair were: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Portugal, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Tunisia.

The countries of provenance of visitors, instead, were mainly: Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, UK, Turkey and Israel. Visitors also came from other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.

The main sectors of operation of exhibitors were: nurseries, machinery and tools, landscape, decoration and floristry items, services and software, pots and containers, garden care, furnishings, cut flowers.

The sectors of interest of visitors have been (in order of preference): nurseries, pots, garden care, flowers, machinery, landscape, decoration, services.

The professional activities of the 20,000 visitors were: gardeners and maintenance operators, shop owners, producers, garden centres (with production), nurseries, sales agents, garden centres (sale only), landscape architects, designers and builders, wholesalers, agronomists, schools and educational bodies, services, event organisers, distributors, institutions, public bodies, operators, import-export operators, press, large distribution, hospitality facilities, transport and logistics.

Myplant in Milan, on TV and for charities

In the meantime, Myplant has shared the success of the third edition of dOT, the green and outdoor event that has taken place during the Fuorisalone del Mobile di Milano from 9 to 14 April. The event, which has transformed one of the most fascinating and central areas of Milan into an oasis of relax and wellbeing through the presentation of outdoor furniture, structures and accessories complemented by plant installations, has welcomed more than 60,000 visitors.

In May, instead, the shooting of the tv show for green fingers Guerrilla Gardeners (on La5 - Mediaset) has started. The casting for the tv show has taken place within the halls of Myplant & Garden. Among the protagonists of the show are a few exhibitors and some members of the organisation of the trade fair itself.

With the warm season starts also the operative phase of the design project by Virna Mastrangelo and Jessica Pettinari, that won the competition ‘Il Giardino di Corte’, according to which the “corte” (garden) of CasArché – a community for mothers and sons with social issues – will be transformed into a didactic garden.

At the end of June 2019 the inauguration of the sport therapy garden on the rooftop of the Centro Maria Letizia Verga in Monza – the hospital for children leukaemia – is planned. The Centro Maria Letizia Verga has been protagonist of the 2018 edition of the competition, won by the pink team constituted by Marinella Spagnoli, Mariasole Donata Betti, Mariangela Borrelli, Valentina Satti and Sara Pacini’s L’Ortofruttifero, that have transformed the rooftop of the hospital into an openair gym.

Myplant & Garden – International Green Expo is organised by V Group with the support of Consorzio Myplant & Garden, a group of companies operating in the garden industry.

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