GrootGroenPlus - Press release

21 Ιανουαρίου, 2019
Press release

Rabobank renews sponsorship agreement GrootGroenPlus for three years

Coöperatieve Rabobank De Zuidelijke Baronie U.A has renewed the sponsorship agreement with trade fair GrootGroenPlus for another three years; from 2019 - 2021. The agreement was signed during the second edition of the spring fair that was hosted by Stichting GrootGroenPlus. With this sponsporship, the bank can support the agricultural industry - which is very important to her - both financially and on a substantive level. The sponsorship money will be used for offering free WiFi and the trade fair app, among other things. Besides that, the Rabobank will provides the chairman of the stand inspection for the Jan van Dongen and Jac Lodders awards, and will hand out these coveted recognitions during the opening.

The close bond between both parties and the mutual trust has resulted in a unique, informal cooperation, which allows for discussion about issues that play a role in the market. It is a tight partnership and both parties supplement each other very well. This has now resulted in another 3-year extension. This extension cannot be taken for granted, but it does emphasise the mutual appreciation both parties have for each other.

Trade fair GrootGroenPlus is known as an international trade fair, that offers a platform to entrepreneurs and organisations that strive for the best and that are sustainable, reliable, innovative, and have a defining quality for the industry.

The close cooperation and creating a tailor-made substantive part of the trade fair program every year gives both organisations the chance to stay current and relevant. Their visions are an excellent match for each other. During the fall fair on 2 - 4 October 2019, you can of course also visit the Rabobank stand.

Trade fair GrootGroenPlus signs 3-year sponsorship agreement with Nationale Boomfeestdag

Since 2012, Stichting GrootGroenPlus has been cooperating intensively with Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag. They share the same vision and collaborate on making green and nature accessible and accessible to youth. As a result of that, trade fair GrootGroenPlus decided to sign a new sponsorship agreement with Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag. This agreement was signed during the second GrootGroenPlus Spring Fair, on Wednesday 16 January.

Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag has been supported by GrootGroenPlus for a number of years now, and it can count on its financial support again in the following years. The foundation was established in 1957 by Staatsbosbeheer as the Landelijk Comité Boomplantdag. In 1980, this committee was remodelled into the independent Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag. The foundation’s goal is to offer children in the fourth grade (9 and 10 years old, ‘group 6’ in the Netherlands) more insight into, knowledge about, and understanding of the function of trees. The aim is to give children the opportunity to plant at least one tree before the end of their primary school education.

Currently, over 100,000 children in over 75 per cent of the Dutch cities and villages celebrate the traditional annual Boomfeestdag, which will be held on 13 March of this year. In the past 63 years, well over 10 million trees have been planted. This covers an area of the size of more than 5,000 soccer fields. By doing this, Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag makes an essential contribution to the reduction of CO2.

In return for being the good cause of the trade fair, Boomfeestdag actively contributes to the substantive program and the elaboration of the theme of the fall fair of GrootGroenPlus (2-4 October 2019). Participants and visitors of the trade fair, and children, can therefore expect another fun, educational activity.

Winners EPS InnovatieStimulans present their plans at spring fair GGP

In 2018, trade fair GrootGroenPlus decided to offer young green entrepreneurs a chance to present themselves at the international green platform, and to participate in developing the theme. To offer these young entrepreneurs the opportunity to continue their collaboration, they were given the EPS InnovatieStimulans of 5,000 euros in October 2018.

Young green entrepreneurs: Rick van der Horst, Rowy Roelands, Paul Bressers. Maarten Verdaasdonk, and Alec Hermans will create a working group themed Future, which will be part of the Coöperatieve Vereniging Treeport. On Wednesday 16 January, during the second GrootGroenPlus Spring Fair, they presented the first draft of their plan to the representatives of Treeport, EPS, and GGP.

The youngsters will be given complete freedom in developing their plans. Of course, there will be interaction between all parties; the existing Treeport working groups will support the young entrepreneurs, but the entrepreneurs will also offer their input by means of the working group Future.

During a brainstorm, they posed a number of questions: Who? What? How? And they have drawn their conclusions based on that. They already announced an event regarding a green future, which will be hosted during the fall fair of GGP (2-4 October 2019). In the coming months, the working group will announce further details on this event. 

Varb and GrootGroenPlus strengthen collaboration in 2019

Since 2017, participants of the fall edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus (GGP) have the opportunity to present their product assortment through the GGP website through Varb during 6 months of the year. This collaboration creates a digital platform, before, during, and after the trade fair!

Varb and GrootGroenPlus recently decided to further strengthen their collaboration in 2019. This year, participants of the international trade fair can once again present their offering through Varb for free at It offers visitors of the trade fair insight into the complete, current stock, but also more information on the product groups that a participant offers. And if the participant decides to do this, all products can also be shown with prices.

For the fall edition of the trade fair, which will take place on 2-4 October 2019, a communication plan has been created. This will make sure that more participants are able to benefit from this additional green plus.

Varb and the Spring Fair

On 16 and 17 January, participants of the GrootGroenPlus Spring Fair will get a second chance to present their stock through Varb, both at the trade floor, and in their digital profiles. These products will be shown online at least until the end of January. This means that this sales fair is not just a physical platform, but also a digital platform. Varb facilitates the combination of supply and demand for green products. They have done this for over 25 years, with 780 companies and well over 1,000 users, using a large offering and an easy-to-use search engine. Varb’s goal is to grow within the industry of green products for outdoor use, and the partnership with GGP will definitely contribute to that goal.