press release concerning the Italian and international gardening industry survey

08 Φεβρουαρίου, 2019
Myplant & Garden 2019
The study on the Italian gardening industry in cooperation with Euromonitor International - international research institute - will be presented during Myplant. Positive signals for Italy and Europe, with a highlight on emerging trends. “The green industry is an economic and social drive”.


The sales value of the gardening industry in Italy in 2017 was almost 3 billion Euro in a European panorama where the business is worth over 34 billion Dollars. On a global scale, instead, the sales have recorded 86 billion Dollars. The hard times are behind us, the trend up to 2022 is one of growth.

Milan, January 2019 - In 2017 half the sales in the gardening sector in Italy have focused on horticulture, a third of the total was represented by gardening tools, 12% by pots and containers (+6.9% 2017-2022) and 8% by garden care. The total sales of the industry have been 2.76 billion Euro.

An ever-increasing number of Italians buys (and gets information) online, and prefers organic products. Moreover, because of the progressive ageing of the population, the sales of gardening machinery will increase giving way to light, ergonomic and smart products (average growth 2017-2022: +6.4%).

Forecasts for the industry

The projections of the Italian gardening market forecast a constant growth in the sales up to 2022, when we will go back to the levels of 2010 thus reaching a value of 3 billion Euro. The figure for 2017 is 2,763 million Euro.
The more generic context for 2017 was as follows: western Europe registered a market for almost 32 billion Dollars, eastern Europe was worth 2.4 billions, North America 37.7 billions, Asia Pacific 8.25 billions, Australasia 2.5 billions, Middle East and Africa 2 billions, South America 1.35 billions. On a global level, the gardening industry was worth 86.166 billion Dollars.

Italy: 2,763 million Euro

Europe: more than 34 billion Dollars

North America: 37.7 billion Dollars

Global market: 86.166 billion Dollars

Green industry: a natural source of capital

“The Italian branch is recognised for its quality and variety of production on a global scale thanks to a unique mixture of national climate and business abilities. Broadly speaking, the benefits of nature are not only gratuitous and stable in time, but they also follow a pattern of growth: reduction of pollution, thermoregulation, health benefits, environmental depuration, enrichment of the flora and fauna, general wellbeing, landscape re-qualification, environmental resilience, technological innovation, reduction of urban criminality, growth of real estate value, increasing jobs, incentive to international tourism, social inclusion, research and development…”

Seven special areas have been devised for the fifth edition of Myplant & Garden: Landscape Area, Decor District, Motorgarden, Sport-grounds Area, Garden Center New trend, Tree Care event, Urban Green Management: 

The Landscape Area in Hall 20 will be dedicated to the world of design, landscape and urban redevelopment through green building. 

The Décor District in Hall 12 is the international window for floristry and the combination of fashion, decoration, music and signature craftsmanship.

Motorgarden, besides its exhibiting quarter in Hall 20, will have its own outdoor live demo area, where tools and machinery will be shown and tested.

The Sport-grounds area is one of the innovations of the fifth edition. A sport-ground in Hall 20 will be home to a series of thematic meetings with some of the most important actors in the sports industry in Italy. .

The Garden Centre New Trend, a ‘must-have’ of the trade fair, will present innovative and scenic exhibiting concepts and a rich display of novelties by the companies operating in the industry. 

With the Tree Care area (Sistema Albero) – another innovation of the upcoming edition of the fair – Myplant intends to cover the theme of arboriculture on a round level, by meeting experts in the field and by giving space to a number of practical demonstrations.

UGM - Urban Green Management, attracts the operators in building, creation, maintenance and management of urban green areas.

Myplant & Garden – International Green Expo

Fiera Milano – Rho Pero | 20-22 February 2019 | opening: 20-21.02: h. 9-6pm / 22.02: h. 9-5pm | cadence: annual | visitors: trade operators | operative office: VG Crea, Milano, Tel. (+39) 02.6889080, |