PRESS Release GrootGroenPlus

22 Ιουλίου, 2020

21July 2020
Connection Varbactive in second half of August
This year, thepartnershipbetweenVarb and GrootGroenPlus will becontinued. Thanks to theconnectionwiththisplatform, which will becomeactiveagain in thesecond half of August, greenparticipantscanpresenttheiroffer in theirfreeparticipantprofile on thewebsiteoftrade fair GrootGroenPlus. Since last year, thisoption is also availablefor all international greenparticipants.
The connectionoffersparticipantsthepossibility to showtheircurrentofferupuntil 30 November. This service is freefor all theparticipants; all costsarebornbyVarb and GGP. Bydoingthis, thetrade fair contributes to promote thetrade in greenproducts and theirvisibility.
This year, thepartnership will beexpanded; the GrootGroenPlus homepage will show a button to a fullofferof all participants, with an additional searchoptionfor plant names. Itcan also showimagetiles. This will makeiteveneasier to searchthroughthegreenproducts.
Ofcourse, participantscanonlymakefulluseofthisoption, ifthey update theiraccountsregularly. So besure to keep an eye out for all personal communication fromVarb. Even though non-greenparticipantsare not partofthe deal withVarb, they do have an option to insert a link to theircatalogueor web shop. In thatway, theycan also informvisitorsabouttheiroffer, and benefitfromthis additional PR value.
The renewedcooperationwithVarbgivesthe digital GrootGroenPlus environment a clear digital plus, which is freelyaccessibleforparticipants and visitorsupuntil 30 November 2020.

Note to theeditor:
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